of raw nature and pure moments are what I try to capture in my photography. Instead of setting up my shots, I immerse my self in my subjects. I try to understand what makes them unique and capture that as it happens.

Deletion is also a large portion of my process. After a day of shooting, I comb through my photos trying to find the best shots and discarding the rest. By being editorial about my photos, I ensure that my work remains thoughtful and intentional.

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My love for nature directly influences my shots of it. I spend hours going on long hikes exploring unique areas of the world, capturing images that portray my love for the wilderness.
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I find cities to be interesting subjects, everywhere you look there is a new hidden angle to capture. When I take a walk in a city I love finding these angles and sharing them with others.
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Instead of shooting preplanned portraits, I prefer to capture my subjects in the act of doing things. This results in natural, honest, and personal photos.
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I love playing with lighting, my studio shots reflect that. I use light (and the lack thereof) to create simple strong images that highlight my subjects.
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