Golden Gate Fog
House to Boat
Lush Greens 2
San Francisco Skyline
Tule Elk
Empty Shore
Rock Halo
Vermont Forest Path
Iceland Road


crafted, and deliberate images are what I try to create with my work. I'm drawn to taking photos of our natural and built environments. I love finding the unique angles amongst these contrasting environments.

I shoot a combination of medium format film, 35mm film, and digital photographs.
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No Camels
Natural EnvironmentNatural Environment

Natural Environment

My love for nature directly influences my shots of it. I spend hours going on long hikes exploring unique areas of the world, capturing images that portray my love for the wilderness.
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Built EnvironmentBuilt Environment

Built Environment

I find cities to be interesting subjects, everywhere you look there is a new hidden angle to capture. When I take a walk in a city I love finding these angles and sharing them with others.
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Medium Format WorkMedium Format Work

Medium Format Work

After growing up shooting digital, I have transitioned into shooting medium format film for my landscape work. I've found that the slow and deliberate process lends its self to capturing the everlasting beauty of nature.
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I love the format of triptychs, they tell a story and convey a mood across multiple images.
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